Private Commissions


LACE: At a Distance - WetDovetail

November 2021

This Exhibition considers place and connection. As a part oft the LACE collective, we as a group have lived and worked with each other for the previous three years, recently this year the circumstances have changed. This exhibition talks of the frustration and isolation of making work removed from this exchange of creativity. unlike the conditions of lockdown, in which these artists studied and had to frequently communicate with one another, LACE find themselves physically distanced from one another, creating an opportunity for this dialogue comes less frequently. The exhibition considers the creative influence which we take for granted in these structures and explores the independent development of the individual within the collective.

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'Untitled' - Pineapple Black

November 2021

 The purpose of this exhibition was to bring attention to the significance that a title holds over an art work. Titles aim to inform the audience , even a lack of a title is a comment on the work. The exhibition holds the title in as high regard as the work itself. our perception of a piece is largely informed by the title that is given, by placing the title in the immediate attention of the audience, the viewers become more aware the true power this holds over the piece. After all this is a key piece of information that has been provided by the artist, so should not be overlooked. Too often, the title is written in small print in a leaflet or in small writing away from the piece. it is part of the work; it is a crucial factor that allows the audience access to the work. This exhibition pushes to change our attitude to titles and help audiences bring more of their awareness to the title of a piece. 


Middlesbrough Art Weekender

September - October 2021

I was awarded 'The Northern Graduate award' during 2021 from my degree show. This award was in the form of exhibiting during Middlesbrough Art Weekender, an art festival that this year ran through Middlesbrough during the end of September to the begging of October 2021. The piece I exhibited followed on with the similar interest in heritage however it looked at the heritage of Middlesbrough'a local art spaces. I chose Base Camp as it is one of the longest running galleries in Middlesbrough

 as well as the building that the art space occupies being heritage listed. 



Private Commissions

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Open Box of People - Northern School of Art Degree Show

June 2021

This exhibition was held as a part of my end of year degree show at The Northern School of Art. the show consisted of everyone graduating from the course, and my works that were exhibited were 'The Shades Hotel - Church Street Vie', and 'The Shades Hotel - Lynn Street View.'

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Stay Connected: Connectivité

May 2021


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Stay Connected: Inner City: Out of Place

April 2021

This exhibition was a digital exhibition held by artist and Curator Lois Harkin. Over the third lockdown period in the UK, Lois Harkin has set up a virtual art gallery space called Stay Connected. She has been a host of multiple different virtual exhibitions consisting of different themes. This theme looked at concepts surrounding the urban landscape, but the other mediums were very different. The work that I had involved in the gallery was my piece, 'The Isaac Wilson', 2020, which depicts a Public house in Middlesbrough that used to be a county court. The name derives from a mighty man in Middlesbrough during the industrial era.



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Pineapple Black Window Gallery

April  2021

Working as a part of a collective, (Lace Collective), this opportunity was a chance to occupy a window space like a gallery during lockdown whilst there has been no shows.

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BaseCamp's Celebrate Everything, International Women's Day 2

March 2021

This exhibition took place towards the end of lockdown. The idea behind the show was too curate the show and film it, which was a different take to a virtual exhibition. This Exhibition was filmed by a professional Filmmaker and publisher onto Basecamp's Social Media accounts as well as YouTube.


Picasso Baby - Digital Issue 003

April 2021

This was a digital magazine that has been running throughout lockdown. The basis of the magazine is to submit a page based on a chosen topic. Amy's page explored Digital collage, and used photography as well as digital freehand drawing.


Picasso Baby - Digital Issue 002

February 2021

This was a digital magazine that has been running throughout lockdown. The basis of the magazine is to submit a page based on a chosen topic. Amy's page explored Digital collage, and used photography as well as digital freehand drawing.


Picasso Baby - Digital Issue 001

July 2020

This was a digital magazine that has been running throughout lockdown. The basis of the magazine is to submit a page based on a chosen topic. Amy's page explored Digital editing and text combining urban landscape with a thought process surrounding mental health.

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A Box of People - Group Exhibition

March 2020

This exhibition was a group exhibition, organized as a team effort with the rest of the students on the Fine Art course at Northern School of Art. The show took place in Pineapple Black's Upstairs space. The exhibition's name came from the design of our studio space. Each section of our studios is split it four boxes with around three people in each box space.


RoRo Studio - Group Exhibition with Lace Collective

March 2020

This exhibition was a small exhibition held in RoRo studio's in Middlesbrough. The Exhibition was opened on International women's day, and I participated as a part of Lace Collective.

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Picasso Baby 003

February 2020

This was an exhibition held in Disgrace-land Baker Street. The aim of the exhibition was to make a mark in the building. This Piece in the image was a reflection based on some scenes around Middlesbrough

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Charity Fundraiser Group Show - Northern School of Art Foyer

December 2019

This is your Exhibition description. Write a brief overview of the event along with the theme, location, and featured artists. Add images or videos to engage site visitors, and give them a better idea of what it was like to be there.

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The Auxiliary Warehouse Party #002

August 2019

This Exhibition was held in The Auxiliary Warehouse and the show contained a night of music as well as art. The extensive space of the warehouse allowed work to be spread out across the place in many different rooms. This painting was put in a dark set room next to a brick wall to really bring out the bricks that were included in this painting.

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The Food Bank Zine Exchange - The Contemporary Art Space Hartlepool

May 2019

This was an opportunity given by a group of graphic students who had organised a space for a food bank and zine exchange. the place that the had gotten was a very large space, and wanted art to surround the space. this brought a lot more viewers to the show which in turn resulted in a lot more food for the food bank exchange.

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FE End of Year Show - The Northern School of Art.

June 2018

This exhibition was part of the end of year Show at The Northern School of Art's FE campus.