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Amy Heald Profile

In Amy's work, she looks at depicting representations of urban architecture in the form of local public houses. she is interested in this, and her paintings are a way for her to understand more about the structure. The idea of public houses, in general, dates back centuries, and it has always been a representation of social life. Today, many pubs are occupied by buildings with very effective working uses dating back to the industrial era. Amy's interest stems from the idea of this working structure centuries later becoming a social structure. In doing this, its identity and significance of its use during that working era can become lost. All people recognise is the social use of the building. This is one of the critical drives for her work. 

 Amy represents these structures on different scales, but she likes to portray them on a large scale for the more finished work. This is because the architectures themselves are extensive, and there is so much detail to include in one painting. 

When painting, she often splits her work into multiple canvases that make one image. A practical move, it makes it easier for transport. 

The paintings themselves depict buildings that she ha discovered herself. On the canvas, they represent almost zoomed-in versions of the buildings with a bit of perspective, struggling to fit in the canvases she has provided. You can’t see the bottom, top, or side of the building, just a part of the building that she has found interesting. Allowing her audience to pay closer attention to the details on these often abandoned, heritage-listed, and decayed structures. 

She takes inspiration from artists such as George Shaw, who incorporates a sense of memory and nostalgia from the areas he grew up around, Coventry, in his paintings. Narbi Price is another influence on my work, and he will paint specific paintings that have a history tied to that place. Many of his famous works include historical references, such as London city sites, which were sites of the murders of Jack the Ripper Victims. Clive head is also another inspiration from his old paintings, which involved super high detail, a wide span of interior and exterior, giving a taste of exterior architecture and the inside of a building. All of these artists are a primary inspiration for me.

Hopefully, she will be able to have a solo show in the future, and for this show Amy will exhibit all of my large, scaled building paintings next to each other, filling a room. The large-scaled works would then be unmissable and hard to escape. The zoomed-in representations of them force the viewer to not only look at them but also, in a sense, can make them feel trapped by the sheer scale and zoomed-in quality. 




September 2018 – July 2021                              BA(Hons) Fine Art 

                                                                        The Northern School of Art HE

September 2016 – July 2018                              UAL Diploma Level 3


                                                                        The Northern School of Art FE


  • Took part in volunteering for the level five group show in the ‘contemporary Art Space. My role was to hand out drinks to the artists and audience that attended - Generation Dystopia (For Level 5 Fine Art) (17/05/2019)

  • Took part in organising ‘The Food Bank Zine Exchange’ a show for a group of graphic students, who needed artwork to fill the space they were using to show their Zines. My Participation including exhibiting and hanging my own work, making the decisions as to where the work would look best in the Empty shop space. The Contemporary Art Space (Hartlepool) Temporary Empty shop Building (23/05/2019)

  • Group Show - ‘Sad For Life Warehouse Party #002’ The Auxiliary Warehouse (31/08/2019)  

  • Took part in a group fundraiser with my BA (Hons) course in setting up a charity shower in the Northern School of Art Foyer. All work that was exhibited was on a small scale for a reasonable price. As chair I had a lot of say on final decisions for the show. (02/12/2019) 

  • Co-founder and member artist collective, Lace Collective, a group of artists from our course formed together to establish ourselves outside of University (06/02/2020)

  • Working with other creatives to use the space of Disgraceland Baker street to cover part of the space with a representation of my practice, ‘Picasso Baby 003’ Disgraceland Baker Street (29/02/2020) 

  • Working as a part of Lace Collective exhibiting small works for ‘Our Lasses 2’ RoRo Studio (06/03/2020) 

  • Worked as a group with the rest of my course to organise a group show, to situate our practice outside of the studio. I was chair of the group, which meant that I finalised a lot of the ideas. A box of People exhibition. Pineapple Black Upstairs Space. (11/03/2020)

  • Featured in Picasso Baby digital Issue 001 (12/07/2020) 

  • Featured in Picasso Baby Digital Issue 002 (19/02/2021)

  • Was interviewed by Lisa Lovebucket, as a part of her Teesside Rising Project, 250 interview projects focusing on creatives from the North East. My role was to explain the development of my practice, as well as what my practice concerns (26/02/2021) 

  • Lace collective, Exhibited and took part in Base Camp Celebrate everything festival - Kick started international Women's week (08/03/2021)